Unique Interior Designers in Sydney

As one of the leading homes for Sydney Interior Design, we are dedicated to providing personalised interiors and custom furniture design.

Our passion for helping transform our client's homes to better match their personalities is what pushes us to the forefront of Sydney interior design. We believe that you should feel comfortable in your own home, and that every aspect of your home –from the colours, shapes, and furniture design should blend into the space most comfortable to you.

Here at TI, we aren't limited to only one look or style, but have gained experience and expertise in an assortment of traditional and modern Interior design Sydney style including:

Our Team

We were started by our lead furniture and designer, Mark Wakeling. The heart and soul of the company, Mark still enjoys meeting with each client personally, in their home, office or executive space to discuss the ideas that they have for their space. Mark takes the time to talk in detail and also photograph the room to get a feel for colour, use of space and distinct style.

Mark Wakeling's drive to become one of the premiere interior designers in Sydney is shared by all of our team and influence the way we interact with our clients. Our Sydney Interior design team will walk with you through every step of the transformation, from the review of the floorplan to final inspection. How can we help you create a home that represents you if we don't know you?

Custom Furniture

In addition to the design services offered by our team of some of the best interior designers in Sydney, we also offer a full suite of purpose built, customisable furniture to complement our Sydney interior design styling.

Clients can select unique pieces from our hand crafted furniture range and also from our designer giftware and accessories. As an award winning cabinet maker, French Polisher and knowledgeable designer, Mark can design and create furniture to complement the atmosphere or aesthetic of any room.

To schedule a consultation with Mark Wakeling, considered by many to be a leading interior designer in Sydney, or for the best in Sydney interior design, contact us on (+61) 0418 503 716 today or send a message to us online.